imagen-antena-realThe FICOSA system of Smart Connectivity Module (SCM), incorporates module connectivity 4G into the vehicle making available a WiFi hotspot to the service of its passengers. The bandwidth that provides the new telephony network 4G / LTE allows to surf along the Internet, watch movies or play online. Also, it has a web interface customized for each vehicle manufacturer with the possibility of having applications for mobiles and portable devices.


The system also has antennas with the services as per each market. Antennas of radio AMFM, DAB and SDARS (American market), positioning antennas: GPS (USA, EU), Compass (China), Glonass (Russia).


Furthermore, this system can include a V2X module of communication in accordance with the due regulation to implant in the medium  term in EUA.


In addition to providing the infotainment to the passengers, the module is also connected to the Ethernet auto network and gives the necessary information to the rest of the vehicle such as the position, the radio signals, communication between vehicles and the emergency call, as well as other services that the vehicle incorporates.

Ficosa is an official supplier and technological partner of a vast majority of the vehicle producing companies from all over the world.


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